Hello dear creator’s

we’d try to strike up a friendly discussion to get to know some of the people on here. I think something which makes our area of music unique is the fact that modern technology makes it possible for many of us to use the same instrument sounds via vst etc. that we hear on many of our favorite records.

Meaning one of the only things separating amateurs from a super producer is raw talent and creativity seeing as we have a lot of the same tools they use. So, just for fun, have you ever run across a preset in your library that you recognize from one of your favorite songs?

If so, which ones? Oh and, this isn’t to “expose” anyone like some certain Polow nonsense I’ve seen… just for fun.
I’ll get the ball rolling I guess with an obvious one:

-Song Hero by Nas,
-Sound-Butterfly Stance found in Massive.
-The Lead Synth from Young Money-Every Girl is a preset in Ultra Analog