As we all know producing music, is a process…
a very creative process.

In music there is no limits, you can do whatever you want.
But still there are a few basic advices from the producer’s all over the world.
We are all sure that this will help you to become better…. and this is our goal.

We want you provide everything that you need, so that you can reach your full potential,
and give world a new music who is made with love.
The world need it and the people need it.

10. Unless it’s a rare sample don’t sample

at leats the first 10 seconds.
Don’t loop the first ten seconds of “Thriller.”
Be unique

9. Do you

Which means if you sample, sample. If you play keyboards, do that.
Just be sure that whatever you do, when you played it make your soul dance.

8. Always make beats with a MC in mind

Ask yourself, “Does this sound like Busta joint or a Nas joint?” That’s the best way to build up your catalogue. But must important… does this track sound’s like you?

7. Don’t put more than 10 beats on a beat CD.

I put 30 on one once and MCs can’t absorb all of that at once. I learned the hard way.
Learn to be patient, one day you will get everything.

6. Flippin

’ Bob James’ “Nautilus” at least once is a right way of passage, even if you don’t play it for anybody, learn to do music for your soul, not for everybody else.

5. If you make beats on a computer

don’t have Limeware or something on it. You’ll get viruses and lose everything.
Appreciate your work, and take care for it.

4. Some people don’t like to record with a lot of people

in the studio, but I like to record with a lot of different people…there because you get a lot different feedback on the record, don’t be afraid to show your work, one day people might talk about it, ”how you show him this ”hit” beat”. dont be afraid to be great.

3. If you want longevity in this game

align yourself with larger entity and be the main producer like, Marley Marl, The RZA, The Neptunes, Mannie Fresh, Organizied Noize, The Bomb Squad, Dr. Dre.
They don’t just make beats, they provided the landscapes for a whole crew for years.
And you become one of them.

2. Forget reading the manual.

You gotta break something to figure out how it works.
Peter Jennings didn’t graduate from high school. It’s about natural ability.
Don’t put your music in box, just create… and be happy while your’ creating.

1. Stick to your equipment

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make beats on a bucket with some class.
This is hip-hop, more important than equipment is you… your will power, your drive, your faith in Yourself and faith in music that you do, if your chasing dreams with all of your soul… one day u will catch them, this is a promise.
If you can drop 40 points a night in Chuck Taylor’s, do it.
You don’t need Nike Shox.

This is first basics advice’s, But most important is this:

We can give everything on the golden plate, but if you wont believe in yourself, its all lost.

So believe in yourself like we do, and make your music count.
The world need’s you. BE GREAT

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Let’s help each other.
we need you to.

Thank you

I found this article here, but i edit and add some stuff on it.